Websites for Issues of Interest

For the most part, all of these sites contain articles on the topic of interest, papers, news items, and links to like sites. There is a lot of information contained here. Hopefully, it will give you food for thought, and make you aware of some of the issues. I have tried to add a blurb after each site. For the most part, this information comes from their own website, either from their mission statement, or their 'about us' section. Hope you enjoy the sites. I will add more as I run across them.





Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Speech

  • The Freedom Forum - a nonpartisan foundation dedicated to free press, free speech and free spirit for all people.


Life Issues

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Privacy Issues

Public Education and School Choice

'Radical' Islam

  • Prophet of Doom - Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad's Own Words: the best-documented, most comprehensive, presentation of Islam's five oldest and most reliable scriptural sources. Ishaq's Biography of Muhammad, Tabari's History of Islam, and Bukhari's and Muslim's Hadith, were used to reorder the Qur'an chronologically and to set its surahs into the context of Muhammad's life.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

  • Second Amendment Sisters - a women's advocacy group dedicated to preserving the basic human right of self-defense, and to giving attention to the vital role the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution plays in protecting that right.
  • Keep and Bear Arms - This web site is about helping lawful people maintain their abilities to protect themselves and the people they love effectively from anyone who would do them harm - through legal, private ownership and use of guns. We also stand for the repealing of all gun laws which infringe on the civil rights of peaceable women and men to defend their own lives and property.
  • on Gun Rights
  • Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms - The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is dedicated to protecting your firearms rights. Our role is to educate grass root activists, the public, legislators and the media. Our programs are designed to help all Americans understand the importance of the Second Amendment and its role in keeping Americans free.
  • National Rifle Association - Homepage of the National Rifle Association
  • Second Amendment Foundation - dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. To that end, we carry on many educational and legal action programs designed to better inform the public about the gun control debate.
  • Texas State Rifle Association - champions and supports the rights of law abiding Texans to own, enjoy and use firearms as guaranteed by the Constitutions of the State of Texas and the United States of America.

Space - The High Frontier

  • The Mars Society - Group dedicated to human exploration and eventual colonization of Mars
  • National Space Society - an independent, international, educational, grassroots nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization.

Taxes - Federal, State, and Local

  • Americans for Fair Taxation - Website dedicated to passage of the 'Fair Tax'.
  • Americans for Tax Reform - ATR opposes all tax increases as a matter of principle. We believe in a system in which taxes are simpler, fairer, flatter, more visible, and lower than they are today. The government’s power to control one’s life derives from its power to tax. We believe that power should be minimized.
  • The Heritage Foundation on Taxes
  • National Taxpayers Union - NTU is a non-partisan, public interest advocacy organization dedicated to lower taxes, less wasteful spending, and the principles of rational and limited government.

War on Terror

  • Defend America - U.S. Department of Defense News About the War on Terrorism.