When asked by a passerby what type of Government had been formed by the Congress assembled, Ben Franklin is reported to have said, "A Republic. If you can keep it.". Today, our Republic stands on the edge of an abyss, born not of threat by outside forces, but by the internal stress of public apathy in its maintenance, distortion of its core values and founding principles, and a profound ignorance of how it is supposed to function and what the common citizen's role is in that proper functioning.

This web site is an attempt, however poor, to help address these issues. It provides many links to different locations whereby the concerned voter can obtain information to help him or her make an informed decision when it comes time to cast their vote. It provides links to foundational documents of this Republic, so that one can learn the principles upon which it was established. There are links to various support tools as well, such as search engines, that can be used to obtain additional information, as well as political opinions expressed by professional columnists and news organizations.

Finally, there is my poor attempt at communication; a (hopefully) at least once a month column on current events and political activity aimed at other common citizens like myself. Among other things, my goal is to encourage people to become politically aware in their communities. To at the very least become active, informed voters and, perhaps, even to become a politically active member of the party of their choice, with the ability to effect real change. Some of my columns will help to explain how that is possible for a common citizen to accomplish. I encourage you to give it a try.

Being a common, working person with a job just like everyone else, this web site is not my primary focus. I am not here to make money; this isn't how I make my living, and I have a wife and six children to support. They come first in my life. So while I may say I intend to put out a weekly column, real life may intrude from time to time. The best laid plans of mice and men, and all that stuff. However, the links provided on this site will still be here, and I hope will help provide you, the voter with the information you need. At least perhaps, a starting point. This site is not intended to bring you links to current news items (although there are some of those too); others do that much better than I. Links are provided however for you to obtain such information. Sites such as the Drudge Report, provide links to pretty much any news outlet you can think of, and Drudge Report is linked to from this site. Mary Mostert's "Banner of Liberty" site also provides much useful information. I have taken the liberty of linking directly to some of her link pages, and I also provide a link to her main site as well.

In closing, I hope you enjoy what you find here, and that this is a useful resource in your quest for knowledge. If you wish to email me concerning this site, please do. I probably will not reply to your email, as my time to do so is limited, but I will attempt to read any email I receive. Keep the size small, as small messages are more likely to be completely read than large tomes. Please do not send me a five page treatise; as I won't have time to read it, however fascinating it may be. Complements are always welcome, as is constructive criticism. Please don't send profanity, or anything unsuitable for any of my six children or wife to view. Remember always the golden rule: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". With that in mind, you can't go far wrong.

John D. Turner