Political Commentary and Information
NOTE: If you try to open a site and get a message that says the site cannot be displayed if another site has embedded it, open the site in a new tab or window.

There is a lot of information available on these sites. Some of it you may agree with, some you may not. In any event, explore these sites; don't just read the first page. Peruse the links. Drill down several levels. Many contain good and interesting stuff several layers down. A good example is Leon Felkin's Home Page. I was tempted to link several different parts of his site here, and had to fight the temptation. After all, part of self-sufficiency and a belief in smaller government is trusting people to find things themselves without spoon-feeding and micro-management. My link to his site points you in the right direction; it is up to you to mine for gold...

Commentary Sites


Political Information Sites

  • Who Represents Me? - A site where you can look up who is representing you at the state and federal level in Texas.
  • 2020 Election Central - 2020 Primary Schedule
  • Vote Smart - A must-read. Comprehensive source for information on candidates and issues. NOTE: Open in new tab.

Local Political Action Sites/Groups

  • Homeowner Taxpayer Association - HTA of Bexar County. NOTE: Open in new tab.
  • The Justice Foundation - Founded in 1993; seeks to protect the fundamental freedoms and rights essential to the preservation of American society by providing free legal services to promote those rights. NOTE: Open in new tab.

Other Sites of Interest

  • VoteFromAbroad.org - Informative site on how each state is leaning in upcoming national elections. Site leans Democrat, but information is good.
  • Ilana Mercer's Web Site - Very interesting, containing many past articles written by the author. NOTE: Open in new tab.
  • Deborah Venable's Home Page - Contains articles not archived elsewhere, and other interesting information. Site has not been updated since 2013. NOTE: Open in new tab. https site not available.