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I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the "Mormons" to most folks. We are, as we describe ourselves, a "pecular people". As such, there are many things concerning us and our religion that are misunderstood by most. As a convert myself, I am well aware of these misconceptions, as I used to harbor them too! (Yes its true we don't drink coffee or tea, no it isn't because of the caffine. No, we don't have more than one wife. I find one quite sufficient, don't you? Yes it's true we don't consume adult beverages; we have coveneted before God not to, therefore for us it is a sin. If you have not so coveneted, it is not a sin for you; I don't think any less of you if you drink, why should you think less of me because I abstain?). Truth be told, there are many doctrinal differences that separate us from other branches of Christianity. Some of these are small, some are major. But make no mistake about it, Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our faith. He is our savior and redeemer. This is His Church.

I have had friends tell me that had they known that we (my wife and I) were Mormon, they would never have befriended us. When asked why, they replied that it wasn't their habit to consort with cultists. Well, despite what others may wish to define us as, we do not consider ourselves a "cult". And our friends, while not so moved to even attend one of our meetings, have decided that even though our church may be a bit out of the mainstream, and not for them, we ourselves are ok, sharing many of the same beliefs and outlooks that they do themselves. Even to the point of standing up in their own congregation and refuting some of the misinformation that was being preached to their fellow churchmembers by a visiting minister. That takes courage, and I salute them for it.

The purpose of this page is two fold. One is that there are many articles out there that I want to keep and preserve, so that my family and friends can read them, and I can hang on to them for future research. This page makes that possible. Second, it makes it possible for me to collect articles of interest and present them to others who are not members of my church; to allow them a glimpse into what my church stands for. And perhap to dispel some of the myths surrounding it. The purpose is not to convert - but to inform. Should conversion result from this better understanding, all I can say is Praise the Lord! - and give thanks that I may have had some small part in the blessed event.

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For those who believe our church to be racist

One of the misconceptions I frequently hear is that our church is racist. That it is a "white" church. While it is true that congregations in areas that are predominately white (such as Utah, Idaho, etc) are going to reflect the makeup of those locations, this is not reflective of the church as a whole. In my stake, for example, our stake president is Hispanic, and we have and have had African-Americans in leadership positions. The Hispanic membership in our Stake is quite high, as would be expected in an area that is majority Hispanic. While the number of African-Americans in our local congregations is small, it is growing. Worldwide, more members of the Church speak Spanish as their primary language than do English.

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