“Deplorables” Win; Left Appalled
By John D. Turner
16 Nov 2016

The election was held. Against all odds, Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. Now that the shock has worn off, the temper tantrums begin. Because when you are a leftist progressive, it’s your way or the highway. The proclaimer’s of “tolerance” are not so tolerant when it comes to something they don’t like. And they really don’t like it that Trump was elected president.

As it became evident on election night that something had gone awry, the long faces on MSNBC, CNN, and other major news outlets (other than FOX, where the mood was pretty upbeat) began to give way to signs of movement on the left. The first was reports on social media that Canada’s Immigration website had crashed, presumably driven down by hordes of disgruntled American’s attempting to flee Trump’s new Fortress America. The reports were carried by much of the major media the next day as well, like this report in USA Today which also reports that “Google recorded a spike in the search topic immigration to Canada” on Tuesday night as well.

Since then, the display of leftist angst has continued unabated. We have been treated to the spectacle of schools canceling tests and classes so that their students can recover from “the trauma of Trump winning the election.” We have witnessed protests, riots, and calls for secession from the United States by people living in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. We have heard the United States referred to as a racist nation.

An 11-year-old kid was beaten in school so badly that he needed to be taken to an emergency room for treatment and is now on crutches. Barbara Streisand says she wants off the planet.

No superlative is too out of bounds. We have Noam Chomsky, libertarian socialist/anarchist darling of the left, calling the Republican Party “the most dangerous organization in world history.” More dangerous than the Nazis; more dangerous than the Communists; more dangerous than any organization in world history! Why? Because of their stand on anthropogenic global warming, which they do not believe in and are unwilling to break the bank to support.

Cities that have decided to flout the law by declaring themselves sanctuary cities where illegals roam free without fear of deportation thumb their noses at president-elect Trump. “Chicago will always be a Sanctuary City,” vows Mayor Rahm Emanuel, after Trump says he plans to immediately deport or incarcerate up to 3 million illegals who have criminal records. Because, of course, Chicago needs more criminal illegals to maintain its high murder rate, I guess. The Chief of the LAPD reiterates his city’s stance that Los Angeles will not comply.

Meanwhile, those who voted for Trump continue to be castigated as misfits, racists, homophobes and, in general, the dregs of society. Why we deplorables even have the right to vote is a mystery to many; obviously we should not as the current election results show.

Well, the deplorables won. Get over it. You have four years to suck it up until your next opportunity to enact your socialist utopia agenda. We had to wait eight years to try and undo the mess you made. We sucked it up. We didn’t riot in the streets. We didn’t flee the country. Surely in four years you can field a candidate that can win an election against that reprobate Donald Trump. Hey, perhaps Hillary will still be around to run again. Maybe this time you can mobilize your voters to actually come out and vote; demographically you outnumber Republicans significantly. Then again maybe next time you can run someone who isn’t quite so corrupt. Surely you can find a female candidate somewhere in the Democratic Party who isn’t. Or maybe a Hispanic, and Asian, or a Muslim. Anything to ring up another “first.”

Perhaps you might broaden your relationships a bit. Perhaps, just perhaps, you might try actually listening to the other half of the country, the ones that live in “fly-over country.” The ones you label “deplorable.” Maybe instead of engaging in the name-calling you might try getting to know your fellow Americans and try and find out why they think like they do. Maybe you will find out that they aren’t so different from you after all. Perhaps you might find that they are not the stereotype that you paint them to be.

It used to be that Americans got along. We would have an election, and when it was over, go on about our business. Americans on the other side of the aisle weren’t the enemy – they just had different ideas on how to accomplish what were actually the same goals.

Americans have to stand together, because when it comes right down to it, we don’t have anywhere else to go. Americans are unique in the history of the world; a country made up of people who came from everywhere else. The only thing we have in common is a set of ideals embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The idea that we are a nation founded on the principle of law; that all are equal before the law, and that the government is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. That is what binds us together. If our belief in those principles falters; if we become a nation that no longer believes these things, then we will fracture back into the various nationalities, sects, and factions that we were composed of. We will devolve into anarchy.

America has a national identity. People have come here from around the world to become Americans and share that national identity; to be woven into the fabric of America so that their children would be Americans. In many parts of the world you can look at someone or hear their name and know pretty accurately what country they come from. Not so an American. I have heard it said however that you can tell an American in a foreign country simply by the way they walk. There is a certain attitude that being an American evokes.

America is not however invincible. America cannot for example, take in everyone who wants to come here and remain America – particularly those who have no interest in actually becoming Americans. You can’t change the basic underpinnings of America and still have America. You may still have a country called “America” but it won’t be the same.

An America where jobs are hard to find, where people have to work multiple part-time jobs in order to get by is not the America I grew up in, even if you artificially raise the minimum wage to $15/hr in an attempt to make people believe that a minimum wage job is supposed to be a “career” of some sort.

An America run by regulations with the force of law instead of actual law, is not the America I grew up in. An America where the executive branch of government sets itself up as a supreme ruler is not the America I grew up in. An America where the federal government threatens the livelihood of those engaged in occupations they disapprove of, or whose ideas they dislike, or those who are simply in the way is not the America I grew up in. Politically correct America is not the America I grew up in – it is an America that I read about in books by authors such as George Orwell – but never expected to actually live in.

And so the election is over. Those of us who voted for Donald Trump did so for a variety of reasons. Some may be racists. Some may be homophobic. Some may be all the things you accuse all of us of being. We are human beings – none of us are perfect. Most of us however are good people simply trying to get along, make a living, feed our kids and live a good life. We look at things a bit different from you, that’s all. We are not opposed to change – we live in the 21st century too. We have grown up with more change than most societies in the past have experienced in hundreds of years.

I cannot speak for everyone; I can only speak for myself. So I will speak for myself here and now. I don’t think that my stance is too different from many of my fellow “conservatives” but who knows?

I don’t care if the president is black. I don’t care if the president is female. I have no problems with a Hispanic president, or an Asian president, or a Jewish president. I do care about a president’s ideology. I care about where they stand on the issues. I care about their character and their vision for the future. I am not a socialist, so I really do not support a socialist ideology. I believe in the American principles set down by the founders – not necessarily the immediate results as they had to play the deck they were dealt, but the ideals embodied in the founding documents.

I have a real problem with hypocrisy, and I think most Americans do. The laws should apply to everyone no matter how rich, no matter how poor. Laws should not be ignored if they become inconvenient. If you don’t like the immigration laws, change them. It is not up to the President to decide which laws he or she will prosecute and which they will not. Otherwise we don’t have a president, we have an elected dictator. The President is supposed to uphold and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States, not just the ones he or she agrees with.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. That is a saying that has been around in America for so long it is woven into our fabric of life. And yet, it seemingly does not apply anymore. If I am a member of a “protected” group, then there are separate rules that apply to me. I can get away with things that others cannot. I can say things that others cannot. Sorry – that isn’t equal. That isn’t right and that certainly isn’t American.

I am tired of being painted with a broad brush. I am tired of being called names and assigned roles that do not apply to me. As far as I am concerned, you can call me whatever you like – the names mean nothing to me. The words and epitaphs have worn thin. You want to call me a racist? Fine. You want to call me a homophobe? Cool with me. Whatever you want to call me is fine because it means nothing to me anymore. You have overused the words and they have lost their meaning as far as I am concerned. Duck off a water’s back. I will continue living my life as I choose. Those that know me will know the untruth of your words and it will matter not. It isn’t worth the effort to debate you anymore. I have a life to live and I don’t have time to keep trying to explain myself and my position to you when you refuse to listen.

So give us our four years. We won. Perhaps we will, at the least, be able to keep the balance in the Supreme Court for another 20 years or so. Maybe our kids and grandkids will be able to live in an America that somewhat resembles that which our founders intended. That’s the best I can do now. You get another crack in four. So quit rioting and burning things down. Stop with all the talk of assassination; just chill for a while.

I know it is hard for those of you used to instant gratification, but it’s the way things work in the real world.