Random Synaptic Firings
By John D. Turner
29 Oct 2008

Every once in a while, a raft of items come up that are of interest, but which either do not rise to the level of a full blown article, or which just add to something I have written on before; some things I just don’t have time to expound upon. Sometimes it’s just a matter of literary ADD. This is one of those times…

Vote early, vote often.

First we have ACORN signing up Mickey Mouse to vote in Florida (it seems anyone can vote there – as long as they can figure out how to fill out the ballot), then signing up one person to vote 73 times in Ohio (paying him in cash and cigarettes). Now it seems that even dead goldfish get the chance to vote – in Illinois.

To be sure, the goldfish was not actually registered. And of course, Democrats insist that it was all just a big mistake; and in this case it probably was. Still, one would think that considering the fact that we are talking about an election for what is arguably the most powerful position in the world, and that accusations of voter fraud are rampant (and being investigated by the FBI), that people would show a bit more concern for cleaning up the voting records.

Apparently not. You never know when a few dead people’s votes will come in handy. Or family pets. And don’t forget, we are talking about Chicago here, a place, like Louisiana, where the dead haunt the polling booth and the term “fair voting” is considered an oxymoron. This is the place where Mayor Richard J. Daley, the longest serving mayor of Chicago, “delivered” the vote for John Kennedy in 1960. Where his son, Mayor Richard M. Daley, the second longest serving Chicago mayor, chosen by Time magazine as the best out of five mayors of large American cities in 2005, which described him as having “imperial” style and power, continues to deliver for the Democrats today. And not coincidently, the place where Barack Obama, would-be savior and deliverer of his nation, got his political start.

The U.S. Treasury: The gift that keeps on giving

Did you like that stimulus check you got earlier this year? Want another one? You may get your wish – just in time for Christmas.

Nancy Pelosi has been pushing a $150-$300 billion stimulus package and President Bush has been opposing it. However now that Fed Chairman Bernanke has stated that the economic downturn may be long and deep despite all the money thrown at it so far, the President has reconsidered and dropped its opposition.

The package as it stands now does not actually include rebate checks like the one you received earlier this year. Instead it would increase federal spending on infrastructure, food stamps, unemployment insurance and health care for the poor. The Democrats claim that such spending would help the economy by providing jobs in the construction industry hard hit by the downturn in housing and real estate. The other money would help out those in need who have been decimated by the “failed economic policies of the Bush administration.” The boost to the economy would benefit all Americans as the money percolates through the economy.

Sounds an awful lot like “trickle-down economics” to me. I thought the Democrats didn’t believe in that…

Of course, if any stimulus is to be of benefit it needs to take effect as soon as possible. The chances of money spent on infrastructure actually appearing rapidly in the economy are slim. It takes time to let contracts, hire people, and get construction projects, particularly big construction projects, off the ground. Heck, it will take time for congress to pass the bill, the president to sign it, and to actually get the monies allocated. If you recall, the last stimulus package, the one that included that check you received, took months to implement.

Still, the congress is in a spending mood. It’s an election year, and they want you to know they feel your pain and want to do something good for you. If this bill passes it will send the Federal Budget deficit over $1 Trillion dollars for the first time ever.

Not to worry though. It is happening on George Bush’s watch so he will get the blame. It’s so much fun to spend other people’s money on your pet projects without limit, especially when you will never be held accountable for doing so.

If you think inflation was bad this year, just wait until next year…

Glenn Beck is joining Fox News.

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck, who also has a dynamite show on CNN’s Headline News, is moving from CNN to Fox. If you haven’t seen Glenn’s show check it out – it’s different from most anything of its kind on TV. Glenn has always seemed like a bad fit on CNN; their “token conservative” if you will.

In a way, the move is bad. What will I watch on TV at airport terminals now that he is gone? Most sets in such locations are permanently tuned to CNN Headline News. While many on the left would probably label him as a “far-right conservative Republican nut-job”, ideologically Glenn is probably more accurately described as a conservative-leaning independent libertarian. His website is pretty good also, and his Subscriber Area is worth paying for.

He won’t be moving until spring, so you will still have to catch it on CNN until then. Of course, if Obama is elected and the Congress passes their “fairness doctrine” all bets may be off.

Mainstream media called to task – by a Democrat.

One of my favorite Science Fiction writers is Orson Scott Card. His novel Ender’s Game, which won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, is a particular favorite of mine. The novel, which has expanded into two series of books and which has options to be made into a movie, is one of the best known of his writings. However to call Mr. Card “merely” a science fiction writer would be unfair. He has written in other genres and has authored numerous articles and screenplays.

He is a frequent writer for the Rhinoceros Times, a weekly conservative news and opinion newspaper published in Greensboro, North Carolina where he lives. Card is a registered Democrat (which I do not hold against him) being a member of that endangered species (at least at the national level), a conservative Democrat.

I bring this up because he recently published a piece in the Times entitled “Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights”, that should be read by everyone. It’s a breath of fresh air, and makes me hope that someday, Democrats like him can take their party back from the “far-left liberal nut-jobs” that have hijacked it. Who knows? If that happens I might even find myself able to pull the lever for a Democrat during some future election. Like Glenn Beck (and many other conservatives), it isn’t the Party affiliation that really matters, it’s what they stand for; and more importantly, what they do.

I know one thing. If Card were running for office I would vote for him. I might not agree with him 100% on everything, but I would know I was getting an honest, honorable man in the position with whom I have a great deal in common; a man who knows and understands the principles and ideals America was founded on and who upholds and defends those principles.

Everything is racist.

Recently, a 12 year old girl in Orlando, Florida attended school wearing a McCain-Palin t-shirt that she obtained by volunteering to work at the Republican Headquarters in New Smyrna Beach. One can argue whether or not it is appropriate for children to attend school wearing campaign paraphernalia; on the one hand, none are old enough to vote; on the other hand, it does teach them about the process and hopefully generate some interest in civic responsibilities which will carry over when they are old enough to do so.

Be that as it may, wearing the tee caused this young lady to receive more attention than she bargained for. It seems her schoolmates were of the opinion that it was racist. Huh? Apparently being Caucasian and wanting the Caucasian man to win in an election where there is a choice other than a Caucasian man makes you a racist, at least in the eyes of other 12 year olds.

And since many 12 year olds get their opinions on such things from their parents, I can only assume that at least some of their parents would agree with that assessment.

By that logic, if you were a non-Caucasian and wanted the non-Caucasian to win, wouldn’t that make you “racist” too? If Hillary Clinton had won the nomination instead of Barak Obama, and this 12 year old came to school wearing the same t-shirt, would that make her a misogynist, even though she herself is female? Come on, get a grip people!

So if I, as a Caucasian, have to vote for Obama to “prove” that I am not a racist (a ridiculous concept in the first place), does it not follow that Americans of African descent should therefore vote for McCain to prove that they are not racists either?

And if you think that is absurd, then you got my point. Voting for McCain or Obama proves nothing except that you voted for McCain or Obama. Personally, I think that someone who votes for Obama simply because he is black is just as stupid (and racist) as someone who votes for McCain simply because he is white. Dumb.

It’s not the wrapper that counts, it’s what’s inside. When I buy a Three Musketeer’s bar, it isn’t because I like the wrapper, it’s because I really like the candy inside. Would you buy and eat a turd if it came in a fancy wrapper that you happened to like?

I think not!

I have also learned from Lewis Diuguid, writing in the Kansas City Star, that the word “socialist” is a racist codeword for "black", used by J. Edgar Hoover. And even more recently, none other than that great orator Charles Barkley informed me today that the word “welfare” is a racist codeword. What’s next, I wonder? Before too long every word in the English language will be a racist codeword. Every word used that puts Obama in a negative context that is. Where do people get these things anyway?

Obama: Patron Saint?

One of the scariest things I have witnessed in this election cycle is the apparent deification of a candidate for President of the United States. I have remarked on this previously in another article. In the past, there have been many things said concerning candidates, but never before have I witnessed the religious fervor present in supporters of Barack Obama. In a country where all things Christian seem to be under attack by the left, this is truly remarkable. The latest example I have seen comes from all places, San Francisco, where the image below was observed at a street fair at Hayes and Octavia.

I wonder what the folks in the middle-east who think he actually is Muslim will think when they see this photo?

I am not one of those who insist that Barack Obama is Muslim. He has stated on multiple occasions that he converted to Christianity 20 years ago when he met the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Leaving aside issues concering the Rev. Wright, if Mr. Obama describes himself as Christian, who am I to nay-say him? I can’t see into the man’s heart – only God can.

However, the question remains, how do Muslims view Barack Obama? It is a question that does bear some thought. Apparently, Muslims the world over view him a Muslim, not Christian. While this may seem a good thing to most of America, giving us an edge when it comes to dealing with Muslim nations, in actuality it may be a negative as those abroad learn that Obama repeatedly describes himself as a Christian, attends a Christian church, and whose image, as show above, can increasingly be seen in Christian iconography and association with the Christian messiah.

For many Muslims, this will make no difference. For others, he will be viewed as an apostate from Islam. Indeed, Al-Qaida has already done so, referring to his statement “I am not a Muslim” and drawing the obvious conclusion. In countries where strict adherence to Sharia law is observed, such as Iran, and Afghanistan under the Taliban, there is only one punishment for apostasy from Islam – death.

So by continuing to cloak him in a religious aura, hoping to capitalize on the deep and abiding faith at the heart of our nation, a faith that is strongly Christian despite all the efforts of the left to marginalize Christians, are we setting ourselves up for another John Kennedy experience if we elect this man?

I hope and pray that is not the case.