Today we march, tomorrow we vote!
By John D. Turner
13 Apr 2006

They learn fast.

The latest round of demonstrations featured fewer Mexican flags, flags from different countries, and a whole lot of American flags. Seems that the early polling results indicated the Mexican flags didn’t resonate with mainstream America.

And the whole rationale has been recouched. The word “illegal” or even “undocumented” has vanished; in the rhetoric, in the media, and in the Democrat talking points. The debate is now about “immigration”. A stance against “amnesty” is a stance against “immigration”. If you are not for the legislation supported by Ted Kennedy and his ilk, you are “anti-immigration”. And as we are said to be a nation of immigrants, that would by definition make you un-American as well.

Bravo! Well played! Now let’s see if the Republican’s let stand the relabeling of the debate, which makes the breath-taking leap that there is no difference between legal and illegal immigration, and that anyone who wants to actually has a right to cross our borders and set up shop whenever they like.

Come one, come all; stay as long as you like. As long as there is the probability you will vote Democrat, of course.

And don’t even think about mentioning that dirty word “assimilation”. According to Michele Waslin, La Raza's director of Immigration Policy Research, such talk is “is potentially dangerous to our communities”. Remember, the goal for groups like La Raza isn’t to assimilate into American society. Its “La Reconquista”.

And who is behind those proud souls, bravely chanting “No Human Being Is Illegal!”? Who is standing up for the “rights” of the downtrodden illegal to be here in this country in spite of laws to the contrary? Well, this sign, from the protest marches gives a clue.

Looks to me like the illegals should be supporting the Socialist Party instead of the Democrats. Oops! My bad! Same thing! If only there was truth in politics…

I was behind a car here in San Antonio just today with this phrase written across the back window in white glass marker. We may not have had large-scale demonstrations like Houston and Dallas, but we do have our supporters.

And what is that scrawled across the middle in what looks like Arabic? Do we have a large Arabic-speaking illegal population here in the US that requires translation? I understand why the top is in Spanish. Many of those who feel they have a right to be here illegally don’t speak English, only Spanish. La Raza prefers it that way. Mexican nationals who don’t speak English don’t assimilate. They feel surrounded and alienated – except in their own little transplanted piece of Mexico. People who don’t assimilate, who don’t learn what America has to offer other than a job are ripe for the propaganda of La Raza and other groups like it.

But Arabic? What does that poster say in Arabic? Was that put there for public consumption in other parts of the world? Was that specifically targeted for al Jazeera audiences, just as protests in countries where English is not the predominant language regularly feature banners in English, for CNN’s consumption?

If we do have a large Arabic-speaking illegal population, is that cause for concern? Especially when most of the people we seem to be fighting are Arabic? Especially when those responsible for the atrocities of 9-11 were Arabic? Or are Arabic illegals also fine upstanding potentially Democrat-voting potential citizens just looking for a better life.

Guess I am just being racist again.

You might wonder why I keep linking Democrats to the protests currently being enacted in our major cities. Other than the intense interest that certain Democrats like Ted Kennedy seem to have in amnesty legislation, posters like the one below, photographed at the recent protest march in Dallas, seem to indicate to me that the Dems have something to gain out of all this. That perhaps they don’t so much have the best interests of the country at heart as they do the perceived best interests of the Democrat party.

It is a curious sort of poster, considering that illegals don’t have the right to vote in our elections. At least in Texas they don’t. So this must be aimed at legal Hispanic citizens. The poster is eerily reminiscent of this poster that I found on a website discussing Aztlan.

Message to local Democrat party in Texas. Texas is still part of the United States. Texas is no longer an independent Republic. States do NOT pursue their own independent foreign policies with foreign nations. That is the purview of the Federal government, specifically the Department of State.

Perhaps the local Democrat party would like to see Texas returned to Mexico. Of late, Texas has had the habit of voting Republican, and it does have the second largest block of electoral votes. It would be nice to get it to swing Democrat, but taking it out of the picture entirely, all things being equal, would swing the electoral vote totals back in favor of the Democrats – at least as long as they can hold onto California. And since California is on the Aztlan list too, if it ever did go Republican, it could be thrown to the wolves as well.

Of course, if the Dems can bring in the illegal vote, then such drastic measures won’t be needed. And the conventional wisdom is, that such votes would be overwhelmingly Democrat.

I have heard rumors of illegals voting in US elections in other states, particularly California, where election officials were specifically told, at least in some precincts, not to ask for identification when people cast their ballots. One would have to be particularly suspicious of ballots cast in such places as San Francisco, where the city government has not only declared themselves “illegal friendly”, but have gone so far as to pass a resolution stating that if a Federal law is passed criminalizing illegal entry into the United States, they will ignore it.

It makes one look at that “today we march, tomorrow we vote” comment in a bit of a different light, doesn’t it? Perhaps it isn’t a threat. Perhaps it’s a promise…

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