Wickedness never was happiness.
By John D. Turner
30 July 2001

Where are women keeping their brains these days? It used to be that men were accused of thinking with their private parts. Now, in this age of womenís "liberation", it seems that females too, are getting in on the act.

First we had Monica, a White House intern infatuated with the President of the United States. A married man old enough to be her father. Now we have Chandra Levy, a Bureau of Prisonís intern, infatuated with a U. S. Congressman. A married man old enough to be her father. Does anyone else but me think that perhaps this is just the tip of the iceberg? After all, had Mr Clinton not lied under oath, we would have never found out about Monica. And had Chandra Levy not mysteriously disappeared, we would be blissfully unaware of her as well.

Do we really care if the leaders of our country are having affairs with women young enough to be their daughters? Apparently not. After all, itís just about sex, isnít it? Everybody does it, right? Monicaís mother didnít care. She thought it was just fine that her daughter was servicing the President. She was proud of it. Same for Chandraís aunt as well. In fact, they were encouraging of the affairs. Obviously, the morality aspect of the situation never entered the picture.

Do promises made across the alter mean so little these days? If elected officials find themselves unable to keep the sacred vows they made to their spouses when they married, can we then expect these same officials to keep promises they make in the heat of a political campaign? Or don't we care about those promises either. Perhaps, as with their marriage vows, we donít expect them to keep their promises. Maybe we just care about what they say, what they "feel", and how they look on camera; not about their actual actions. Symbolism over substance, as a commentator much greater than myself is fond of saying.

We live in a society of contradictions. We worry about sexual predators living amongst us, particularly in our neighborhoods, our schools, and our places of work. But for some reason, sexual predators we elect to high office get a pass. We send our daughters to school, and we watch carefully to ensure their safety. Then we send them to Washington D.C. as interns, and instead of worrying about their safety, we brag when they "bag" some high ranking public official; the bigger the better. And if they are married, so what? Conduct that would get a school teacher, an administrator, a coach, or a fellow worker fired draws a ho hum so what when itís an elected official. At least, as long as itís a Democrat elected official. I seem to recall that Speaker Gingrich didnít have it quite so easy.

Is all this really a big surprise though? Look at where we as a society have gone. All I have to do is go to the shopping mall to see the decline of our society. I have to feel a bit sorry for the hookers. Itís hard to tell the difference between a hooker and a "normal" teenage girl these days. The hookers need to wear signs; they both dress the same. In many cases, the hookers are wearing more. And the parents, bless their hearts, encourage such behavior. After all, itís "in" to look sexy. Even in grade school. Have we as a society forgotten that the purpose of "looking sexy" is to attract a partner for sex? The word "sex" isnít there just by happenstance. It must be hard to be a hooker these days. With so many giving it out for free, howís a girl (or guy) supposed to make a buck?

Of course, the feminists tell us that we men arenít supposed to notice such things. Women should be able to dress as they please, and we men are supposed to be oblivious. But if we arenít supposed to notice, then whatís the point? Unless of course, they are trying to attract each other. Hookers dress as they do for a reason; they are advertising sex and hoping to attract customers. At least they are honest about it.

We live in a society soaked in sex. Itís everywhere, and so pervasive that most of us donít even seem to notice anymore. I went to a movie this week, something that I rarely do. Every commercial shown before the movie was loaded with sexual images, from the Pepsi commercial to the M&Ms commercial. What does a soft drink or a chocolate candy have to do with sex? Not much. But sex sells, so the commercials pour it on. And not subtly either. Particularly the Pepsi commercial. Of the previews shown, only two werenít sexual in nature. Itís impossible to avoid on TV as well, unless perhaps all you watch is the History channel. And then there still are the commercials. Stuff being run on network television in prime time these days qualified as soft porn only 20 years ago. And itís tame compared to whatís on channels like Showtime, HBO, MTV or VH1. One can only imagine what the Playboy channel is showing these days.

And who benefits from all this? The men, of course. And who ends up getting hurt? The women. Arenít all you women out there so glad you have been liberated? Actually, what the feminists appear to have done is to make it easier for men to get laid than ever before in U.S. history. Without regard to age or marital status. And without responsibility for the consequences. All in the name of "liberation", of course.

It used to be that the possibility of pregnancy was a deterrent. No more. We have the pill, and abortion, and RU-486 now. It used to be that there was a social stigma attached to sex out of wedlock, or sex with someone other than your spouse. Not any more. This is the 21st century after all; we are more enlightened today. It used to be that we worried at least somewhat about various Venereal Diseases. Not any more. Now we have penicillin, and the magic condom. So called "Safe Sex". It used to be that only ladies of the evening strutted their wares on the street for all to see; now grade schoolers do it, and their parents buy them the clothes! After all, this isnít the Victorian age anymore, you know.

By the way, the kids arenít fooled. They understand the signals they are getting from TV, their parents, and society. Sex is OK. Sex is good! Sex is recreational. Sex is fun. So we find that school girls who wouldnít think of kissing on the first date, think nothing about having oral sex. After all, it isnít really sex (despite the word "sex" in the description). Thus spake the President of the United States, remember? And besides, sex wonít rot your teeth!

So now we have an epidemic of single parent households; women whoís "boyfriend" dropped them when they found out they were pregnant. Women who divorced their cheating husbands. Men who divorced their cheating wives. (It seems itís all well and good for others to cheat on their spouses, but it is somehow different when you find yourself married to the louse.) And a generation of children brought up without a father or a mother in the home. In a society dripping with sexual images. And all the while, the feminists and liberals try to tell us that all is well. Itís good to be a single parent; thatís just an alternative family style, and no worse than a "traditional" family, maybe even better. Anything to make us feel good about ourselves. But have you noticed that those who spout these lines are seldom poor? They arenít busting their butts to make ends meet. Their kids are well taken care of. They arenít seeing the effect their ideology is having on the common person who bought their spiel, hook, line, and sinker, and now has to live with the consequences.

So should we be surprised if our elected officials cheat on their wives? Should we be surprised if our daughters fall for such lechers? Did Monica really believe that the President of the United States was going to dump his wife for her? Did she really believe that he was interested in anything more than the momentary pleasure he derived from her mouth (or her cigar)? Did Chandra really believe that Congressman Condit was going to dump his wife (and incidentally, his power and career as well) for her? Did she really believe it was the first time he had cheated on his wife? Or that she was the only other woman he was seeing? And did she really believe that if he did dump his wife and marry her, that he wouldnít in turn, cheat on her someday as well? And what were their parents thinking as well, to encourage their own daughterís molestation by sexual predators? What possessed them to tell their daughters that an adulterous affair was OK? Did they really think those men would leave their wives for their daughters? Or was it just about bragging rights with their friends: "My daughter is having an affair with a more powerful married man than your daughter!"?

The Lord said "wickedness never was happiness". And he is right. Of course, it isnít fashionable to bring the Lord into a discussion these days. And that too, says something about where our society is headed. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), the Lord doesnít care much about fashion. You can wish a falling rock to be otherwise, but if you choose to stand under it, you will suffer the consequences anyhow. A country with no moral compass, with no differentiation between good and evil, with no thought but to live for the moment and for oneís own enjoyment only cannot long endure. This nation will be no exception. Either we look up, and identify the rock for what it is, and step aside, or we will be crushed. And no amount of wishful thinking will make it otherwise.

We are today, a society of children. Of spoiled brats who never grew up. Always me, me, me. What I want, and never any thought about how that may affect others around us. And, like children, we hate it when someone tells us no. That we are wrong. That we canít have what we want. And so, like children, we turn our back on our parents and run away. We as a society, have turned our back on the Lord and his teaching, thinking we know better; that we can do it on our own. No civilization in the history of the world has ever turned its back on its religious roots and survived as a culture. I can only hope and pray that we as a nation can make it through these difficult "teenage years" and come to our senses before we too fall onto the ash heap of history.